The Lapinha da Serra is just one of the prettiest places in the country. It offers many attractions that allow long stay without repeating programs.

It is a small rural village with a very cozy mood and a population that is very receptive, day by day, is structured to provide more and better service to its visitors.

Boating, kayaking, horseback riding or hiking. Several wells and waterfalls. River with sandy beaches. Caves. A dam for more than 2 km long and the Espinhaço imperial with its beauty can be seen from anywhere in the village. Eight bars and restaurants with good sauce and good prices, often with a live sound. All the best.

Meet our hostel and if you want more information about Lapinha, contact or visit www.guiadalapinha.com.br that has great content and a variety of information and pictures about Lapinha and its attractions.

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